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It's been almost a year since my last Deviantart update so I might as well write something up to keep this alive. I can see spiders starting to make mansions on my page already...

Anyway, I'm already 11 days late but here's a toast to a New Year! It has been 3 months since I left college and I'm bored as hell - personal frustrations are mounting and being shut at home isn't helping. Why is my mom treating me like a 5-year-old again and why am I such a pushover to let her boss me around at my age? ==

So I finished with a Bachelor of Science degree. Now what? I didn't take the licensure exams for the course I finished due to a change in schedule of the exams. I seriously do not want to study a 5-year course in a span of 3 short bloody months instead of the usual 4 or 5 without risking my sanity (I suck big time at the working-under-pressure department).

In the course of a few months that passed, I reviewed by old dA journal entries and pondered over them for awhile. When I look back over my 2013, I never really got what I wanted to do:

♪ Two cosplay events (TorCH IV and the Mindanao Cosplay Summit) have come and gone and in both events I was on hiatus. I only went there to watch and take photos so both my Ling Xiaoyu cosplans and the Chinese girl cosplay list has been left untouched.

♪ So I was able to go to school but my genius of a mother told me I was a slut (seriously wtf I was just out playing video games) for coming home at 7 in the eve (not 10 or 12 midnight) so she made sure I had a miserable life and shut me at home in a span of 5 months.

♪ The part time job... Ghad, how I wish I had an IRL part time job. Sure it would have added up a bit of pressure on my school work, but at least I earned money AND be able to get out of the house and have a normal social life. I hate being a hikikomori by force.

♪ Karate. Oh, how I miss karate. Yes, I'm a martial artist. Rather, I was. I'm getting a little too unhealthy with my house arrest lifestyle as I sit in front of the computer for more than 12 hours a day (hey it's my only connection to the "outside world") playing Dragon Nest and all.

Mind you, I WAS able to do something from my 2013 checklist. I scratched out being a cosplay photographer as the camera (not to mention Photoshop) and I are at odds with each other. Way back during the Mindanao Cosplay Summit 2013, I made a short cosplay video and It was something I should be hanged for doing. It was that awful in my own personal evaluation. Nevertheless it won't stop me from improving.

While my plan of defiling my college's building with a cosplay photoshoot is still part of my plan (why in the world would I pass up on that opportunity), I'm honestly torn between two characters now - one was someone I cosplayed last year *wink wink* and the other is of course, part of my 2013 cosplay plan which is Kite's Sawa.

Self improvement will always be at the top pf my list. I may not have been able to get what I wanted before but I hope I can get them this year. My 2013 list is still on because these are the things that I should have done last year but was put on hold due to some unavoidable circumstances.

As for my 2014 self improvement list, it will be all about my career and a day job. I didn't have plans of taking the licensure exam anymore but my saving grace called boyfriend urged me to take it so I will. I'm also planning to take at least 3 short term courses to amp up my resume.

Over the course of a year did I grow up? Did I learn something from my 2013? No, not really. I seriously hope I man up and grab life by the bum this year.

BY THE WAY, I deleted both my Cure account and my World Cosplay account and with good reason. Personally, I don't see why my cosplays should be ranked and for the sake of my sanity, I'd rather have my cosplay photos on one or two accounts (on my personal Facebook account and here on my dA) rather than have it spread widely over the internet.


Still dreaming of becoming an MTV Vj like the great Francis M. and Donita Rose.

Cosplayer. Blogger. Writer. Fake East Asian Girl. Nutcase on the loose.

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